WB & A Trail

A Conservation Partnership with RC & D

In an unprecedented level of cooperation, two non profit groups, Anne Arundel County Forestry Board and the Southern Maryland Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D) in Waldorf, agreed to share the expense in creating ecological signage along the WB&A hike and bike trail in Piney Run near Odenton. The large signs highlight different ecological areas which, among the many potential educational components, will include a wealth of information about trees. The Southern Maryland RC&D supports projects in natural resource conservation and other ecological interests, and includes Anne Arundel as one of its four member counties.

The new WB&A Trail is under the authority of AA County Superintendent of Trails, David Dionne. Forestry Board members Terry Galloway, and Jim Bardsley, who is also a member of the Southern Maryland RCamp;D Council, first conceptualized the project with Mr. Dionne on May 31, 2005 utilizing the nature zones that the County was already planning to develop on the old WBamp;A railroad embankment, soon to be a beautiful new trail for public recreation. On June 14, 2005, the AA County Forest Conservancy Board approved support-in-principal of the concept of nature signage on a portion of the Trail, consistent with its quest to educate the public about trees. However, the expense of the large, all-weather signs was a potential strain on the Board’s budget and financial assistance was sought from the RC&D.

The strong educational benefit for all ages and the expected high public exposure for the trail, which is to be part of the extensive East Coast Greenway, were reasons enough for the Southern Maryland RC&D to partner with the Forestry Board. The partnership was formally approved by the Council in the Spring of 2006. The project was completed in Fall, 2006.

“This conservation partnership shows what can be done when good people can get together to support good ideas. I am hopeful that we will see more wonderful partnerships like this in the future”. Jim Bardsley, Anne Arundel Forest Conservancy Board and Southern Maryland RC&D Council.


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